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The Guardians Jelly Stick

Dive into the revolution of health with “The Guardians Jelly Stick”, a symphony of natural wellness elements. Infused with the sweetness of erythritol, vibrant hues of betacarotene, immune-boosting antioxidants, zinc, and nourishing fish oils, get ready to experience a healthful treat that’s as delicious as it is beneficial.

Taste the Revolution of Total Health

Welcome to the next frontier in holistic wellness: The Guardians Jelly Stick. Every stick is a culmination of research and nature’s finest ingredients. Erythritol ensures a delightful taste without the pitfalls of regular sugar—making it ideal for those watching their blood sugar or dental health. The brilliant hue, courtesy of the water-soluble FiorioNat B-Carotene, isn’t just for looks—it brings its share of health benefits to the table. Fortify your natural defenses with ResistAid®, designed to invigorate immune function and deliver potent antioxidants. L-OptiZinc® doesn’t just stop at boosting your immune health—it provides comprehensive protection against oxidative stress and elevates your skin’s glow. Lastly, with EPAX 6000 TG/N, relish in the myriad benefits of high-quality, deodorized omega-3 concentrates. When you choose the Guardians Jelly Stick, you’re not just indulging in a treat—you’re investing in total well-being.

What is inside?

Take a look at the key ingredients of our new tasty ‘The Guardians Jelly Stick’ concept. This is a guide formulation that can be adjusted to fit all sorts of requirements and preferences.  For more information and detailed formulation guide, please contact us!



  • Supports natural immune function and antioxidant properties with clinical study
  • Stable to high temperature and low pH value



  • Higher absorption or retention than common zinc forms (ascorbate, oxide, sulfate)
  • Better protection against cell oxidative stress than common zinc forms (gluconate, sulfate)
  • Multiple health benefits from immune function to skin health


  • Multiple health benefits from high-quality omega-3 concentration
  • Deodorized fish oil


  • Good-tasting bulk sweetener to replace sugar
  • Safe for people with diabetes and does not promote tooth decay


  • Natural colour, betacarotene E160a(iii)
  • Highly water soluble

Do you need help?

Our Consumer Innovation Centres are specialised in developing new and exciting food and beverage products. Our ‘The Guardians Jelly Stick’ formulation is just one of the many possibilities. Send us a quick message and we’re happy to support your next project.

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