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Prototype of the Month – Instant Truffle Soup

Introducing Instant Truffle Soup, our captivating new prototype from the Food Innovation Lab for May. This culinary creation delivers gourmet truffle flavors effortlessly, merging convenience with the sophistication of fine dining.

Instant Truffle Soup

Instant Truffle Soup is a new creation brought to you by our talented food innovation lab that blends gourmet flavors with the convenience of instant preparation. This prototype brings together a creamy texture, rich truffle taste, and subtle milky notes for a sophisticated flavor experience. The use of carefully selected ingredients provides a bold mushroom essence, savory vegetable undertones, and a smooth, lump-free consistency. A hint of natural whiteness enhances the visual appeal, making each serving of this soup a truly memorable culinary delight. Perfect as a starter or main course, Instant Truffle Soup offers both quality and convenience in every spoonful. 

Instant Truffle Mushroom Soup 2

What is inside?

Take a look at the key ingredients of our new “Instant Truffle Soup” prototype. This is a formulation that can be adjusted to fit all sorts of requirements and preferences. For more information and detailed formulation guide, please contact us!


PRECISAⓇ Cream 7310 (Ingredion)

  • Pregeletanised modified starch
  • Provides instant thickening and creamy texture


  • Provides bold taste and aroma with mushroom stock

EPIVAL 26 Plus (EPI)

  • Provides characterstic and aroma of full cream milk

SIPERNAT 22S (Evonik)

  • Silicon dioxide for anti-caking


  • Provides savoury taste and aroma from vegetable stock


  • Provides truffle aroma

FiorioNat Crystal White PN353WHITE (Nactarome)

  • White colouring for food
  • Alternative to Titanium Dioxide
INGREDION_Instant Truffle Soup Poster

Do you need help?

Interested in learning more about our Instant Truffle Soup, including its full ingredient list and preparation instructions? Reach out to our food team. We’re here to provide the insights and support you need to bring this innovative prototype into your product range.

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