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Probiotic Instant Yogurt Shake

Experience the future of wellness with our “Probiotic Instant Yogurt Shake.” A fusion of genuine yogurt flavour, enriched with probiotics to uplift your digestive and immune health. Dive into the creamy goodness, without the guilt of added sugars, making it the perfect treat for everyone—including those watching their blood sugar. It’s more than just a shake; it’s a sip of healthful indulgence.

Wellness in Every Whirl

Welcome to the delightful world of our “Probiotic Instant Yogurt Shake”. At its heart, SIPERNAT 22S ensures that our probiotic powder remains fresh, clog-free, and primed for your consumption. NOVATION® Indulge 3921 steps in to offer the creaminess commonly found in ice creams and related desserts without the need for milk solids non-fat. But what’s a yogurt shake without authentic yogurt taste? Enter Yogurt powder EPILAC902, designed for impeccable stock management and suited perfectly for our probiotic concept. Adding to its health benefits, Bacillus Coagulans UNIQUE IS-2 boosts the shake’s potential to fortify digestive and immune health while being resilient in varied food processing conditions. Sweetened with Erythritol, the shake remains an exquisite taste experience while being diabetic-friendly. Every shake is a promise—of taste, health, and utmost quality.

What is inside?

Take a look at the key ingredients of our new tasty ‘Probiotic Instant Yogurt Shake’ concept. This is a guide formulation that can be adjusted to fit all sorts of requirements and preferences.  For more information and detailed formulation guide, please contact us!


SIPERNAT 22S (Evonik)

  • Anti-caking agent
  • Provides good characteristics of powder product
  • Keeps freshness for live probiotic powder

NOVATION® Indulge 3921 (Ingredion)

  • Unique functional maltodextrin
  • Replace milk solids non-fat typically in ice cream, ice confection and related products

Yogurt powder EPILAC902 (EPI)

  • Provides real taste yogurt in powder form
  • Easy for stock management
  • Suitable for “Probiotic Concept”

Bacillus Coagulans UNIQUE IS-2 (BBGI)

  • Helps to improve digestive and immune health
  • Highly stable for food processing conditions

Erythritol (Bao Ling Bao)

  • Good-tasting bulk sweetener to replace sugar
  • Safe for people with diabetes and does not promote tooth decay

Do you need help?

Our Consumer Innovation Centres are specialised in developing new and exciting food and beverage products. Our ‘Probiotic Instant Yogurt Shake’ formulation is just one of the many possibilities. Send us a quick message and we’re happy to support your next project.

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