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Pinky Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream

Our food team has come up with a new functional soft serve ice cream that is healthy and good for you. With added collagen and prebiotic fibres, our silky smooth yogurt soft serve is a treat for both your taste buds and your health, all with no added sucrose. 

Yogurt freshness with benefits!

Our food lab is delighted to introduce our new ‘Pinky Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream’ with no sucrose added formulation. Enjoy the silky soft ice cream while maintining skin youthfulness and detoxification with our functional ingredients. Each serving contains 5,000 mg of collagen and 5,800 mg of fibre. Have a closer look at what is inside below. 

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What is inside?

Take a look at the key ingredients of our new tasty ‘Pinky Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream’ concept. This is a guide formulation that can be adjusted to fit all sorts of requirements and preferences.  For more information and detailed formulation guide, please contact us!



  • Provides the real yogurt taste
  • High dispersibility without particle lump

Fish Collagen Peptide (Sincor)

  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Maintains skin youthfulness

Sucralose (Anhui Jinhe / New trend)

  • High intense natural sweetener to replace sugar


Erythritol (Bao Ling Bao)

  • Good-tasting bulk sweetener to replace sugar

Polydextrose (Bao Ling Bao)

  • Provides the sugar-like body to product
  • Fiber fortification


FOS P90 Powder (Health Innotech)

  •  Prebiotic function from short chain Fructo-oligosaccharide
  • Competitive price

Guar Gum 100 mesh (Sunita)

  • Provides smoothness texture for ice cream
  • Provides resistance to melting

FiorioClean Hot Pink Plus E8125 (Nactarome)

  • Coloring food from Beetroot with Clean Label

Sipernat 22S (Evonik)

  • Anti-caking

Malic acid (Polynt / CMBEC)


Trisodium citrate (RZBC)

  • Acidity regulators

Do you need help?

Our Consumer Innovation Centres are specialised in developing new and exciting food and beverage products. Our ‘Pinky Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream’ formulation is just one of the many possibilities. Send us a quick message and we’re happy to support your next project.

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