Interview: Navigating the ASEAN Future of Food Ingredients with Jebsen & Jessen

In an enlightening interview with Food Entrée & Manufacturing, Ratana Vongmukdaporn, the Regional Business Line Head of Food and Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care at Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, shares valuable insights on adapting to the evolving dietary preferences and trends within the ASEAN region. The discussion, led by Editor-in-Chief Supichai Zathen, delves into the company’s strategies for innovation and sustainability in the food ingredients industry.

The Future of ASEAN Food Ingredients

The food ingredients sector is witnessing rapid transformations, driven by changing consumer preferences towards healthier and more sustainable choices. Ratana Vongmukdaporn, at the helm of Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients’ food department, discusses how the company is navigating these shifts, ensuring their products meet the nuanced demands of the Southeast Asian market.

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Jessen Ingredients is dedicated to understanding and catering to the diverse dietary habits across Southeast Asia, employing a network of local experts and global partnerships. “To better understand the unique tastes and preferences across the region, we have established an extensive network of offices across the region, with experienced industry experts,” Vongmukdaporn states, emphasizing the importance of regional expertise. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting impacts, the industry is leaning towards health and sustainability, with a growing preference for clean labels and plant-based products. Vongmukdaporn notes, “The food ingredients market in the ASEAN region is experiencing significant changes… with a sustained focus on health and well-being.”

The insights from Ratana Vongmukdaporn underscore the dynamic nature of the food ingredients industry and the strategic approaches Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients is adopting to meet future challenges. Their commitment to health, sustainability, and understanding local preferences positions them as a leader in the industry. Discover more of Ratana’s insights by reading the complete interview in Food Entrée & Manufacturing (click on the image or click here for the full interview).

2024-02-26 14_37_21-Food Entrée & Manufacturing │ Vol. 3 No. 11

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