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September 2023

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Health benefits of olive oil, Consumers ditch artificial ingredients, Ai Palette aiming to optimise food innovation and boost product launches, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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From brain and heart health to longevity, olive oil is packed with health benefits
The Malay Mail Online

From acne to itching, dryness and wrinkles, olive oil is known to be great for the skin, but it’s also brimming with health benefits. A staple of the Mediterranean and Cretan diets, olive oil is the subject of one scientific study after another, highlighting its positive effects on the brain, the heart and on longevity. All the more reason to include it in your diet.
From fruits to botanicals: Consumers ditch artificial ingredients in favor of natural color solutions
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Natural colors are becoming more popular as consumers look for products that are free from artificial and synthetic ingredients. However, natural colors also need to meet high quality, stability and sustainability standards.
Age of Generative AI: Ai Palette aiming to optimise food innovation and boost product launches

Singapore-based tech firm Ai Palette has developed a new tool called FoodGPT, which harnesses the power of generative AI and natural language processing to elevate data-backed innovations and increase the success rate of product launches.
Acai craze: Threat for the Amazon?
Daily Tribune

Working in the sweltering heat of the Brazilian Amazon, Jose Diogo scales a tree and harvests a cluster of blackberries: Acai, the trendy “superfood” reshaping the world’s biggest rainforest — for better and worse.
11 of the most faked foods in the world
Business Insider

Criminals and legitimate companies alike make big bucks selling less expensive substitutes for genuine honey, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and more. Fraudulent foods cost legitimate producers and pose a risk to consumers, to the tune of $40 billion. Some highly prized products – like honey or caviar – are too rare or expensive to meet global demand. Here’s how criminals and legitimate companies alike make big bucks selling less expensive substitutes.
Agtech: molecular farming uses nature’s factories to make future foods
Asian Correspondent

Agricultural technology (agtech) is a booming area. On TechHQ we’ve written about how robots are being developed to harvest soft fruits, why strawberries are a trophy crop for AI, and even reported on beans that taste like bacon. But the developments don’t stop there, and one of the most interesting approaches being deployed in the field – guided by advances in computational biology – is molecular farming.
Sweetener solutions: Industry talks sugar reduction trends, sweet innovations and government levies
Food IngredientsFIrst News

As consumer preference for sugar alternatives continues to grow, so does the demand for clean-tasting and more natural sweetener solutions. Additionally, pressure from governments, organizations and health-related associations to reduce sugar in products is providing new opportunities for innovation in the space.
CarobWay demonstrates low caloric, functional properties of carob fruit at IFT FIRST 2023

Many food and beverage CPG companies are tasked with delivering on the trifecta or sweetness, lower calories, and functionality, opening the door for alternative sweeteners from stevia, monkfruit, and the lesser used carob fruit, said Israel-based food and beverage ingredient company CarobWay CEO Udi Alroy.
House of Fruitas: Fresh products made by Filipinos for Filipinos
Daily Tribune

The “Love Local” movement has gained a lot of traction among countless Filipinos. This wave of enthusiasm has swept across local communities, celebrating homegrown talent and outstanding local products. Apart from social media, even markets and malls have begun showcasing the best that Filipinos have to offer.
MayCham: Musang King durian’s popularity helps promote Malaysian food, cultures in China
Malay Mail

The popularity of Musang King durian will help promote various Malaysian dishes and cultures to the people of China. Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (MayCham) chairman Loh Wee Keng said the three-day Rasa Malaysia Festival, which began yesterday, features nasi lemak, sate, Ipoh curry mee, lion dance and Malay martial arts, among others.
Instant noodle hailed most chosen FMCG — Kantar
Daily Tribune

After being hit by a destructive fuss a year ago, alleging that the product contains pesticide, Lucky Me Pancit Canton of Monde Nissin Corporation emerged as the top-chosen fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG and used by the majority of Filipino households, along with nine other staple brands that belong to the food and beverage segment, the latest survey from Kantar said.
Fears linger over possibly 'radioactive' seafood from Japan

The Thailand Consumer Council (TCC) has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Fisheries to take strict measures to screen seafood imported from Japan for fear it could be contaminated by a radioactive isotope.
Experts say if left unchecked Malaysia could feel pinch of India's rice ban within weeks
The Malay Mail Online

The clock is ticking for Malaysia as it braces for the possible impact of India’s non-basmati rice export ban, and if left unchecked, experts believe Malaysia’s local market could feel the pinch within weeks. Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam are the biggest importers of rice from India and would now have to find other avenues for supply or rely on different types of rice varieties.
Philippines, Brunei agree to share info on halal industry development

THE Philippines and Brunei have agreed to continue sharing expertise on the production of halal products, Senate President Juan Miguel F. Zubiri said late Tuesday. In a statement, the lawmaker said he met with Brunei Ambassador to the Philippines Megawati Manan on Tuesday to discuss measures to improve the country’s halal certification system and make it more accessible to Muslim Filipinos.
Local "Kiss Me" candy maker to start selling in Thailand
NST Online Latest News

Kiss Me brand candymaker Khee San Food Industries Sdn Bhd has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wellspire Global Trading, a distributor of consumer packaged foods company, to distribute and sell its Fruit Plus and Kiss Me candies in Thailand.
Protein boost: Mengniu believes China dairy growth lies in RTD protein innovation
BeverageDaily RSS

China dairy giant Mengniu believes that the direction for domestic dairy growth lies in the development of localised protein product innovation, especially in the form of ready-to-drink beverage formats.
Thailand prepackaged food labelling: New rules proposed for expiry dates and allergen warnings

Thailand could be set to revamp its rules around expiration dates and allergen warnings after regulator Thai Food and Drug Association (FDA) issued draft proposals for prepackaged foods.
Collagen boost: +PW sets sights on ‘huge’ China market with single serve RTD beverages

Functional beverage specialist firm +PW has set its sights on the ‘huge’ China market for its collagen-enriched RTD drinks, planning to bank on its convenient consumption format and unique flavour formulation to overcome market challenges.
Arla backs Indonesian dairy development project to launch first-ever locally-produced organic cheese
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Indonesia’s dairy sector has achieved a milestone this week by launching the country’s first locally-produced organic cheese. The cheese is the result of a collaboration between local producer Mazaraat Artisan Cheese and a Danish-funded project that aims to promote organic dairy farming and improve the efficiency of local dairy farmers.

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