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October 2023

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Science says our love for chocolate is healthy for us, Eating plant-based for wellness, The future of alt-dairy, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Science says our love for chocolate is healthy for us
The Malay Mail Online

With roasted hazelnuts or caramelised pecans, or even praline concoctions, chocolate isn’t just a tasty treat — in recent years, the list of its various benefits has grown as we’ve become aware of its many nutritional aspects. To mark World Cocoa and Chocolate Day on October 1, we look back at some of the most recent discoveries that make our daily little indulgence that much sweeter.
Eating for wellness: Meeting consumer needs with plant-based and better-for-you solutions
Food IngredientsFIrst News

The food industry is addressing the challenges and opportunities of sourcing, processing and distributing their products sustainably and ethically. They are also responding to the growing consumer demand for plant-based and wellness-oriented solutions, such as non-GMO soy, probiotics, sugar reduction and personalized nutrition.
The future of alt-dairy: Givaudan highlights drivers, scalability & implementation of booming category
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Givaudan continues to enable sustainable alt-proteins with its flavor and ingredients for future generations. The company is delving into the challenges of this sector and developing solutions for its customers that tick all the boxes of diversity, growth and commercialization.
Women’s woes: Targeted supplementation for different life stages crucial to tackle unmet needs

The unique health and nutritional needs of women throughout their life span, which remain a significant gap to fill, could be addressed with science-backed ingredients and targeted supplementation.
‘A natural journey’: Freshness and clean label crucial combo to nail flavours in processed foods

The crucial combination of freshness and clean label is emerging as an important flavour strategy that food and beverage brands need to hit in order to cater to APAC consumers’ increasingly exacting demands.
California bill banning popular food additives moves to governor’s desk, excludes TiO2

California legislators this week passed a closely-watched and controversial bill that if signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom would ban in the state the sale of foods and beverages including four popular food additives but not ‘ notably ‘ the colorant titanium dioxide.
Puratos unveils its baking trends for 2024 and beyond

The ingredients specialist for the bakery, sweet treats and chocolate industry revealed its industry trends and consumer preferences at its Taste Tomorrow conference.
ThaiBev showcases sustainable solutions

Thai Beverage Plc (ThaiBev) is promoting a number of solutions for sustainable living at the Sustainability Expo (SX2023), which is currently being held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.
Convergent platforms for food and beverages in Asia

Food Ingredients Asia Thailand (Fi Asia Thailand), considered “the leading event for Southeast Asia’s F&B community,” and Vitafoods Asia, touted as “Asia’s leading nutraceutical event,” took up over 45,000 square meters of space in Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC) from Sept. 20 to 22.
Singapore scientists upcycle jackfruit seeds to formulate lactic acid for F&B applications
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed a method to make lactic acid using once discarded jackfruit seeds, which they say is a sustainable and more effective technique for formulating the food additive compared to existing processes. Lactic acid is indispensable in the various manufacturing stages and preservation of bread, yogurt, cheese, kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles.
Human milk inspired: Danone to launch new infant formula containing novel milk droplet in China

Danone is launching a new infant formula containing a milk droplet that closely mimics the structure found in mothers’ milk in China this year, VP and head of Danone Early Life Nutrition revealed at our Growth Asia Summit 2023.
Ofi doubles functional ingredients output with Malaysia dairy production expansion

Food IngredientsFIrst News

Olam Food Ingredients (Ofi) has announced the expansion of its dairy production facility and Ingredient Excellence Center (IEC) in Johor, Malaysia. The company has added a new milk powder dryer that could “more than double” the output of functional dairy ingredients and fat-filled milk powder per year.

Luckin Coffee brews up new craze in China with low-alcohol Moutai latte

Food IngredientsFIrst News

Luckin Coffee and Kweichow Moutai, two of China’s most prominent beverage companies, have joined forces to launch an innovative alcoholic latte which captured the attention of both coffee and liquor enthusiasts. The Moutai Latte, which officially debuted earlier this month, has already taken the Chinese market by storm.

Korean start-up integrates “oceanic veggies” into alt-meat with seaweed heme ingredient for Singapore

Food IngredientsFIrst News

Korean food tech start-up HN-Novatech has launched ACOMS: the world’s first proprietary heme-based seaweed ingredient for use in plant-based meat products in Singapore. Additionally, the company has recently landed funds worth US$4 million.

More than the Real Thing: Chinese consumers want emotion and culture, not just drinks - Coca-Cola


Product innovation, technology and data alone are no longer sufficient to make strides in the China beverage sector with consumers increasingly wanting ’emotion and culture’ alongside their drinks, claims Coca-Cola.

Protein boost: Mengniu believes China dairy growth lies in RTD protein innovation


China dairy giant Mengniu believes that the direction for domestic dairy growth lies in the development of localised protein product innovation, especially in the form of ready-to-drink beverage formats.

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