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October 2022

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Egg powder could be important food supplement, The sweet spot of product sweetness, Water-saving upcycled tortilla chips voted best new product of 2022, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Egg Powder Could Be an Important Food Supplement
Food Manufacturing

Malnutrition is a key challenge not only in African countries. As an international study led by Veronika Somoza now shows, egg powder is a food with great potential to improve the nutritional situation of children in deprived areas. The powder contains vitamins, amino acids and important trace elements.
Product sweetness doesn’t always resonate with consumers’ sweet spot

Israeli researchers found that while taste remains king, oversweetness is the most commented consumer concern, providing potential opportunities for the bakery and snacks sectors to overcome the tension between taste and health, and lower the sweetness level of some products.
Water-saving upcycled tortilla chips voted best new product of 2022

The eco-friendly, better-for-you corn tortilla chips from Kazoo Snacks are certainly not ‘chips off the old block’, but are packed with healthy fats and nutrients and have even enabled the Texan startup to save almost a million gallons of water to-date.
White beetle inspired natural pigment offers replacement for titanium dioxide

Cambridge-based biotech start-up, Impossible Materials, has developed a sustainable cellulose-derived white pigment to replace ‘unsafe’ titanium dioxide (TiO2) across food and pharma industries.
Do artificial sweeteners increase risk of cardiovascular diseases?

A ‘potential direct’ link between artificial sweetener intake and increased cardiovascular disease risk has been suggested by researchers, but industry is fighting back: ‘There is no causal evidence that low/no calorie sweeteners could increase the risk of CVDs.
Titanium dioxide EU ban in full force, alternatives hit the market
Food IngredientsFIrst News

No longer authorized as a food additive in the EU, titanium dioxide is officially banned across Europe, prompting more companies to innovate alternatives to what was once a key whitening ingredient across multiple food applications. In the EU, the phasing out period for titanium dioxide came to a halt on August 7, which means the ban is in full swing.
Nestlé moves smoothies beyond ‘niche channels’ with blender-free option for masses

Nestlà is expanding its toehold in the highly fragmented but fast-growing smoothie category with the launch of Outshine Smoothie Cubes, which it says will stand apart from the competition by offering added convenience in both format and distribution.
What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

From tequila seltzer to premium vodka, we take a look at some of the new beverages launching around the globe.
Alt Protein Watch: Pupae-based snacks, ambient plant-based meat, Thai Union's OMG Meat range and more feature more in our round-up

Pupae-based snacks, ambient plant-based meat, Thai Union’s OMG Meat range and more feature more in this edition of Alt Protein Watch.
China cuts soybean mix for feed to shore up national food security
Food IngredientsFIrst News

In a move to lower animal feeding costs, maintain food inflation at a manageable rate and protect national soybean reserves, the Chinese government is calling for farmers to cut their soybean use and opt for feeding alternatives such as nutrition enriching amino acids.
Stevia industry’s highest ever Reb A yield harvested by China-based Howtian
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Howtian, a supplier and producer of stevia, has achieved up to 12% average Reb A yield this season – the highest ever in the industry and a significant turning point as stevia costs approach parity with artificial sweeteners.
Meatable, ESCO Aster gear up to launch cultivated pork


Dutch food tech company Meatable announced a partnership with ESCO Aster, a commercially licensed cultivated meat manufacturer, as part of an international expansion to Singapore. The companies plan to launch a new cultivated pork product in restaurants in Singapore by 2024.

Alternative protein pioneers and Chinese policymakers convene at “historic” food innovation event

Food IngredientsFIrst News

Amid a global food crisis, agri-food industry thought leaders convened with Chinese policymakers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) online to discuss food security and the prospects of cultivated meat in China and around the world.

Thailand targets becoming next “food-tech Silicon Valley” to bolster Asian food security

Food IngredientsFIrst News

The National Innovation Agency (NIA) in Thailand is pushing for Bangkok to become the “food-tech Silicon Valley.” The agency has invested in food-tech start-ups in the area as a part of its “Space-F” project. The project encourages an influx of investment for the Thai food sector in light of the global food security crisis – which has been exacerbated by multiple factors of climate change, inflation and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Policy Picks: China beverage and dairy regulations, Australia food safety, Taiwan children food and more feature in our round-up


China beverage and dairy regulations, Australia food safety, Taiwan children food and more feature in this edition of Policy Picks.

Khairy: Health Ministry to start food calorie labelling project in restaurants next year

Malay Mail

The Health Ministry (MOH) through the Nutrition Division will implement a food calorie labelling pilot project in restaurants and cafeterias early next year to assess the feasibility of a menu labelling policy in Malaysia. Its minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said for a start, it will be introduced in restaurants in Putrajaya besides MOH and ministry cafeterias as well as fast-food restaurant chains.

Alaska Milk vows to continue providing nutrition to Filipinos

Manila Bulletin

Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) has committed to continue with its mission of providing nutrition to all Filipinos as it celebrates its golden jubilee year. AMC’s Managing Director Tarang Gupta renewed the company’s mission to strive and continue providing nutrition to all Filipinos during the company’s 50th anniversary last month at its manufacturing plant in Laguna.

Heineken Vietnam opens South-East Asia’s largest brewery


Heineken Vietnam has unveiled its largest brewery in Ba Ria Vung Tau: which has become the region’s largest after multiple expansions over the last five years.

Innovation opportunity: Newly crowned NutraChampion sees huge scope to cater to Thailand’s ageing population


Like several Asian countries, Thailand is experiencing a greying population. While interest in healthy ageing is high, the level of innovation for this category of products remain relatively low.

Bringing the heat: McCormick reveals spicy innovation key to snacking growth in Indonesia


Global flavours giant McCormick has revealed that product innovation with spicy flavours that can bring the heat is going to be key for snacking firms in Indonesia to achieve significant growth.

2023 healthy food trends: Clean label and positive nutrition claims crucial for consumers


Consumers in the Asia Pacific region will continue to be strongly driven by products with clean label and positive nutrition claims moving into the new year, with food and beverage brands also set to boost innovation to meet these demands.

APAC stevia trends: Dairy, traditional snacks providing growth alongside beverages


Reformulation and new production development of dairy products, dried foods, bakery and snacks, along with beverages, are driving stevia growth in China and the wider Asia Pacific region, claims global ingredient firm Tate & Lyle.

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