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November 2022

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Monk fruit finds premium, blend-friendly sweet spot in sugar reduction space, Energy & relaxation: Consumers look for functional beverages, The future of mealworm and cricket-based food, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Monk fruit finds premium, blend-friendly sweet spot in sugar reduction space

Monk fruit, a high-intensity sweetener, is gaining popularity across premium applications as a clean-label alternative that blends well with others. While it costs more than stevia, tech innovations may bring prices down.
Energy & relaxation: Consumers look for functional beverages that meet key need states in busy lives

Post-pandemic, consumers are back to leading busy lives and are looking for functional beverages accordingly: whether that be energy to power through the day or something calming for the evening.
Incorporating edible insects into diet: What does the future hold for mealworm and cricket-based food?

Food IngredientsFIrst

Mealworms and crickets are edging closer to EU plates following the latest round of approvals, as commercialization of alternative products containing protein-packed insects is on the horizon in Europe. According to the insect umbrella organization backing the burgeoning industry, products could be available as soon as next year, unlocking a whole ranch of nutritional, sustainable food.

From spirulina spread to collagen water: Which innovations caught our eye at SIAL?

After five days of showcasing food and beverage products from around the world, SIAL 2022 in Paris has come to a close. FoodNavigator was on the ground, meeting with newcomers and category leaders alike to discuss trends, new product development, and what consumers should expect next from their R&D pipelines.
Food safety: Study probes inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by disinfectants
Food IngredientsFIrst

Concerns over food safety have been raised since the seafood market in Wuhan, China, was identified as the initial source of SARS-CoV-2. During the pandemic, food safety has been underscored in general and now a new study examines SARS-CoV-2 viability on food items at different temperatures.
Limiting sodium can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s

RISK of Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced by maintaining a low-sodium plant-based diet, according to a dietitian who cited the US National Institute on Aging. “Let us be mindful of our diets,” said Faith Joice M. Matira, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “Balanced nutrition is part of a smart treatment program for many illnesses.
Soaring dollar leaves food piled up in ports as world hunger grows


Food importers from Africa to Asia are scrambling for dollars to pay their bills as a surge in the US currency drives prices even higher for countries already facing a historic global food crisis. In Ghana, importers are warning about shortages in the run up to Christmas. Thousands of containers loaded with food recently piled up at ports in Pakistan, while private bakers in Egypt raised bread prices after some flour mills ran out of wheat because it was stranded at customs.

What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches


From cocktails to coffee, we take a look at some of the new beverage launches around the globe.

Will ‘carbon neutral’ claims land brands in legal hot water? Danone sued over Evian eco claims


Could ‘carbon neutral’ claims land food & beverage brands in legal hot water, even where they are certified by a third party such as the Carbon Trust? FoodNavigator-USA asked attorneys to weigh in after Danone Waters America found itself at the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Bacteria-based whipping cream? Study proves how fat can be fully replaced with bacteria


A science breakthrough could pave the way for fat-free whipping cream formulations that completely dispense with artificial additives by using naturally-occurring lactic acid bacteria instead of fat.

Food out of thin air: Alt-protein grown with CO2 & electricity gets Singapore novel food regulatory approval

Food IngredientsFIrst

A microbial protein-rich powder containing all the essential amino acids and tipped as one of the most significant alternative proteins for future food has received approval to be used across various food applications in Singapore. This greenlight paves the way for further approvals worldwide, according to Pasi Vainikka, the scientist behind Solein, who speaks with FoodIngredientsFirst about the regulatory “breakthrough.

Hitting the sweet spot: How sugar-replacement start-up will maintain brand focus after conglomerate merger


Ensuring that brand focus is maintained after joining a larger company is crucial to sustain and boost growth, according to sugar replacement start-up Swiftlet which has become part of Vietnamese conglomerate Senix Health Group.

Cannabis commotion: Thailand tightens use of hemp and CBD in foods three months after decriminalisation


The Thai government has announced new regulatory edicts specifying tighter regulatory control over the use of hemp and CBD in food and seasonings, just three months after announcing the decriminalisation of cannabis in the country.

Expelling excessive packaging: China includes more food categories to slash waste


China has expanded efforts to eliminate excessive packaging with rules now covering more food categories, in addition to implementing a multi-ministerial governance system to regulate the supply chain.

Meatable, ESCO Aster gear up to launch cultivated pork


The food tech companies direct their sights to Singapore as their first market. Dutch food tech company Meatable announced a partnership with ESCO Aster, a commercially licensed cultivated meat manufacturer, as part of an international expansion to Singapore. The companies plan to launch a new cultivated pork product in restaurants in Singapore by 2024.

Khairy: Health Ministry to start food calorie labelling project in restaurants next year

The Malay Mail Online

The Health Ministry (MOH) through the Nutrition Division will implement a food calorie labelling pilot project in restaurants and cafeterias early next year to assess the feasibility of a menu labelling policy in Malaysia. Its minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said for a start, it will be introduced in restaurants in Putrajaya besides MOH and ministry cafeterias as well as fast-food restaurant chains.

Organic agriculture key to food production

Daily Tribune

The Department of Agriculture recognizes organic agriculture as a key element in enhancing food production in the country and protecting the country’s natural resources. During the 8th Organic Agriculture Month this week, DA Undersecretary for Special Concerns and for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Zamzamin Ampatuan emphasized the need to solidify this status by boosting the DA’s support for organic agriculture in the country.

Mosa Meat eyes regulatory clearance in Europe while beefing up partnership in Singapore

Food IngredientsFIrst

Mosa Meat is launching in the Asian market through Singapore, while partnering with local manufacturing organization Esco Aster. The company plans to bring its cultured beef to the city-state market in less than a year.

Taking control: Indonesian government aims to dominate sugar sector in same way as palm oil


The Indonesian government is to establish what will become the nation’s largest sugar company by 2028, aiming to seize control of the local sugar market in the same way it dominates the palm oil sector.

APAC stevia trends: Dairy, traditional snacks providing growth alongside beverages


Reformulation and new production development of dairy products, dried foods, bakery and snacks, along with beverages, are driving stevia growth in China and the wider Asia Pacific region, claims global ingredient firm Tate & Lyle.

Germinating growth: China alt protein scene increasingly competitive, but localisation key to success


China’s plant-based and cultured meat market is getting increasingly competitive, but industry collaboration and product localisation are going to be crucial if it is to become more ‘relevant’ to consumers.

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