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July 2023

See what has been happening in Asia’s food and beverage industries over the last weeks. What are experts and industry magazines talking about?

What has been happening?

Spotlight on aspartame, Balancing taste and nutrition in clean label sweeteners, US approves lab-grown chicken for sale, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Spotlight on aspartame: Industry eager for safety clarification from WHO
Food IngredientsFIrst

Speculation is mounting over aspartame potentially being labeled as a “possible carcinogenic to humans” following reports that the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of WHO, has completed a safety review and is on the verge of publishing a report. Industry is closely monitoring the situation that has been developing this week following reports in international media.
Balancing taste and nutrition in clean label sweeteners: Could sugar make a comeback?

As demand for natural sweeteners grow, could consumers revert to arguably the most traditional natural sweetener of all: sugar?
US approves lab-grown chicken for sale
The Malay Mail

The United States has granted its first ever approvals to two companies to sell chicken grown directly from animal cells, becoming only the second country to allow lab-grown meat to be offered to consumers. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved food safety systems at facilities of Upside Foods and Good Meat, a spokesperson for the agency told AFP Wednesday, with the companies adding the products would be available soon at select restaurants.
Replacing sugar: CarobWay showcases low glycemic sweetener
Food IngredientsFIrst

Israel-based food tech start-up CarobWay will present its clean label sugar replacer made from whole carob fruit in gummy and energy bar prototype formats at the IFT Chicago trade show (July 17 to 19). The business highlights the sweetener’s mild, caramel-like flavor and low glycemic index (GI) due to the presence of D-pinitol.
What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

From sparkling wine to collagen drinks, we take a look at some of the beverages launching around the globe.
“Piggy Sooy”: Moolec Science harnesses molecular farming to grow pork protein in pink soybeans
Food IngredientsFIrst

Molecular farming pioneer Moolec Science has made strides in raising the ratio of pork protein it cultivates within its signature soybeans, coined “Piggy Sooy.” The “significantly high” amount of pork protein in the natural crop can even be seen in the pink color of the beans. It reached a level of up to 26.6% of total soluble protein, four times higher than initially projected by the company.
To rein in food inflation, we must reform our implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

The surge of onion prices lately suggested to some of us that perhaps a cartel is controlling these prices to the detriment of consumers. Capable of storing onions, these traders release onions into the market in a way that maximizes their respective profits. When local supply of onions is short of the requirement of consumers, prices must go up. But apparently, they rose even much higher than if the market was competitive. Imported onions, however, can alleviate the shortage.
AI versus the great chefs of Europe and the World

“VOILÀ!” declares the chatbot, assuming the voice of your favorite chef. “Here is the pièce de résistance.” You nod and smile. “Behold the kaleidoscope of ingredients, the gorgeous symmetry of the plating, the meticulous tweezering of the microgreens.” You nod and salivate. “Inhale the aroma, taste the way it enraptures your mouth…” But you get nothing but air on your state-of-the-art Apple, Inc. mixed-reality headset.
Fake meat firms are failing as money dries up and hype begins to fade

Unreal Food ended its pursuit of an eggless egg. Remastered Foods stopped developing vegan bacon. The Meatless Farm halted its plant-based sausages. The great shakeout in the world’s fake meat sector is here and it’s widening. As money flows less freely due to surging interest rates, investors have sharply pulled back funding just as inflation increases production costs and makes consumers more selective about their food choices.
WHO's cancer research agency to say aspartame sweetener a possible carcinogen
The Malay Mail

One of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners is set to be declared a possible carcinogen next month by a leading global health body, according to two sources with knowledge of the process, pitting it against the food industry and regulators.
You can now have McDonald's cater for your wedding reception with 400 McNuggets and 100 burgers — but you'll need to live in Indonesia
Business Insider

McDonald’s is now offering wedding packages to newlyweds in Indonesia. For about $233, you can get 100 chicken burgers and 100 four-packs of nuggets for your guests. The packages just cover catering and don’t include holding a wedding at a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s is offering wedding packages in Indonesia so that newlyweds can treat their guests to burgers and nuggets after tying the knot.
‘Love My Honey’ sweetens daily life
Daily Tribune

Honey is one of the most versatile foods in the world. You can use it in many ways to enhance your health and wellness. But not all honey is created equal. Many varieties on the market today are processed, diluted, or contaminated with harmful substances, compromising their quality and health benefits. That’s why it’s important to choose Love My Honey — a 100 percent pure and natural premium honey proudly sourced and made in the Philippines.
Proposed ‘junk food’ tax drags down URC

Universal Robina Corp.’s (URC) stock fell last week after investors turned cautious after the government’s proposal to impose a tax on “junk food” and sweetened beverages. Data from the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) showed a total of P605.19-million worth of 4.57-million shares were traded from June 19 to 23, making it the sixth most actively traded stock on Friday.
Diokno considering sugar import liberalization

Finance Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno said he is studying the liberalization of sugar imports to soften the blow on the food industry amid proposals to tax sugary food and beverages. In a chat with the media on Friday, Mr. Diokno said that freeing up sugar imports a “reasonable compromise” for volume users of sugar. “Expectedly, producers and sellers of sugary products subjected to tax will object as it will raise the selling price of their products to the market,”
Securing safe and healthy food production in Myanmar
Global New Light Of Myanmar

Myanmar faces a critical challenge as a significant portion of its population confronts daily food poisoning and non-infectious diseases caused by the consumption of food products contaminated with infectious viruses, dyes, and chemicals. Sadly, despite awareness of these risks, individuals often have no choice but to purchase and consume unsafe food due to limited alternatives in their daily routines, resulting in a range of illnesses and foodborne ailments.
Thai cheesemaker finds her niche

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant street food and luscious tropical fruits, but Rachanikorn “Kai” Srikong is on a mission to make a new addition to the menu — cheese.
Singapore is now serving a vegan ice cream made from air
The Malay Mail

Billed as the world’s most sustainable ice cream, this frozen treat is made with no dairy products — and not even plant-based alternatives — just air, water and chocolate. This is the very first food product developed by the Finnish start-up behind this innovative protein powder that replaces cream and milk. When it comes to air in ice cream, almost everyone is familiar with the trick used by many manufacturers to reduce the cost of their ice cream.
Investing in Food Processing in Vietnam for EU Firms
Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam’s food processing industry is currently struggling, and firms are looking to sell assets or even part of their companies to survive. Here’s what EU firms looking for opportunities in Asia should know about the current state of Vietnam’s food processing sector.
‘Blind boxes’ of discounted unsold food becoming popular in China
Straits Times

This trend has gained popularity among young people, who eagerly grab these deals at certain moments.
Asia's food mecca

Every year, hungry travellers from Thailand and around the world visit Italy, the UK, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to indulge in renowned dishes from these countries.

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