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December 2022

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Seven science-based health benefits of Rhodiola rosea, Clean label almond paste, Ground chicken bone mass enhances taste in nuggets and meatballs, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Seven science-based health benefits of Rhodiola rosea
Daily Tribune

Rhodiola rosea, commonly known as Arctic root, golden root, king’s crown and rose root, is a flowering herb that grows in cold mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. It has a long medical history in Russia, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe. Traditionally, it was an attempt to increase endurance, work performance, and tolerance of high altitude and to treat fatigue, weakness and other symptoms.

Clean label almond paste sweetens the spot in taste, health and sustainability
Bakery & Snacks

Data from Innova Market Insights shows that launches of products with almonds have increased across the board, driven by the humble nut’s health benefits, taste, texture and versatility. Almond paste too, has seen a resurgence in the bakery category.

Ground chicken bone mass enhances taste in nuggets and meatballs, reveals SuperGround study
Food IngredientsFIrst

According to a new study on taste perceptions, ground chicken bone mass improves the taste and overall quality of chicken nuggets and meatballs. More than two-thirds of test subjects chose chicken nuggets and meatballs with bone mass over the ones without it. The researchers flagged that using bone mass also helps produce more food from the same raw material and provides better nutritional value due to increased calcium and collagen content.

Has AI found the formula for chocolate that satisfies a maximum number of fans?
The Malay Mail Online

Is there a chocolate that can satisfy everyone? Perhaps that’s still a way’s off but in any case, this particular chocolate was designed to appeal to a maximum number of consumers. A Finnish dairy company used artificial intelligence based on the opinions of more than one and a half million chocolate eaters to design the chocolate that appealed to the tastebuds of the most people.

TiO2 alternatives: Industry ramps up clean label moves away from titanium dioxide
Food IngredientsFIrst

After EU regulators deemed the European Commission decision to ban titanium dioxide a “manifest error” of assessment, the status of TiO2 is being questioned once again. However, industry has been moving away from the colorant for some time now.

Overturning TiO2 ban? EU judges annul Europe’s titanium dioxide regulation
Food IngredientsFIrst

The EU Court of Justice has annulled the European Commission delegated regulation of 2019, which labeled titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a carcinogenic substance by inhalation in certain powder forms. The judges found a lapse of judgment of the EU executive body decision, deeming the Commission’s ruling a “manifest error in its assessment,” as the scientific study used as a pillar to justify the ban didn’t take into account “relevant factors.

Hybrid foods “strike a balance” between sustainable eating and optimal flavor without compromise
Food IngredientsFIrst

Hybrid protein food products are retaining their position as an attractive market opportunity, as more consumers reduce their animal ingredient intake. Suppliers believe that hybrid products meet the demand for sustainable, healthy nutrition while offering authentic flavors and familiar textures that meat-eaters know and love.

Five tips to stay healthy amid the holiday feasting

The holidays shouldn’t be used as an excuse to binge-eat, warned a dietitian. Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes an abundance of delicious food, whether it’s at the family noche buena, a gathering with friends, or an office Christmas party. “To eat smart, you have to have a balanced diet and be mindful of your body’s needs. This should stay the same even during the holidays,” said Dr. Virgith B.

Unleashing the power of red ginger
Daily Tribune

Worrying about providing for the family, struggling to make ends meet, and losing sleep over stress can lead to health issues such as the development of colds, cough, flatulence, nausea, and even hypertension. Many turn to natural remedies and options to get them through difficult days. New product Ginhawa Red-G was recently launched so people can experience the power of red ginger, which has been used as a traditional medicine by many generations in Indonesia.

Scientists predict next Green Revolution as new drought resilient wheat discovery unveiled

It is hoped that that the new semi-dwarf wheat may soon be grown in fields across the globe following an exciting discovery.

Rising affluence driving more meat consumption, product premiumisation and innovation

Rising affluence is driving premiumisation and innovation in the meat sector in South East Asia (SEA), but there is still ample space for NPD, not least in the snacking category.

Firmenich’s flavor of the year for 2023 is… dragon fruit: ‘Light, refreshing, sweet, and delicious…’

Dragon fruit is making the shift from niche to mainstream, says flavors giant Firmenich, which has selected the fruit as its flavor of the year for 2023 after it exhibited ‘one of the fastest growth rates of any ingredient we’ve tracked in recent years.

Strong arm of supply: Delving into how China keeps its food chains afloat amid global inflationary climate

Food IngredientsFIrst

With global food chains strained under mounting pressure, China has achieved relatively stable food prices and stocks as inflation there is subdued. Consumer demand appears resilient this year as well. According to government statistics, domestic food costs recorded a moderate year-on-year increase of 0.4% in the first half of this year.

Sugar strategy: Cutting sugar-sweetened beverage intake helps lower BMI in schoolchildren


Lowering the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) while increasing parental and school health advice could help reduce childhood weight gain, according to a new study from China.

Trans-fat fight: Philippines to ban all prepackaged processed foods with high trans-fat levels by 2023


The Philippines government has announced a ban on all prepackaged processed foods containing high trans-fats levels as part of its objective to completely eliminate their presence by 2023.

Sardines play big part in nutrition program

Daily Tribune

Filipino brand Mega Sardines led the celebration of National Sardines Day with the theme, “FieSSSta — Sarap, Sustansya, at Saya,” last 24 November. Marvin Tiu Lim, MPFI chief growth and development officer, underscored the importance of sardines in the lives of Filipinos. “We rely on sardines not only to satisfy our hunger, but to give us the nutrition we need. It is affordable, nutritious, and delicious.

ImpacFat makes a splash debuting world’s first fish oil produced from stem cells

Food IngredientsFIrst

ImpacFat introduces its new fish oil alternative today at Singapore’s Big Idea Ventures Demo Day showcase. This process involves removing stem cells from the fat tissue of edible fish species and then expanding them in a bioreactor before converting them to mature fat cells, which are then incorporated into food products. ImpacFat hopes its fish oil alternative will provide the taste and texture missing from various alternative meat products.

‘Not a shiny new toy’: How ofi’s new Singapore site will lead to ‘holy grail’ localised innovation


Localisation strategies are crucial in order to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of food innovation in the Asia Pacific region, by combining health, taste and convenience, according to Olam outfit ofi.

A growing hunger for bugs

Edible insects have been served as food in Thailand for a long time, often visible at street vendor stalls selling trays of fried insects, silkworm pupae, bamboo worms, locusts, beetles and crickets, with soy sauces and even seasonings.

Thailand could benefit as India's sugar output set to drop 7%,

India’s sugar output is likely to fall 7% this year as erratic weather conditions have cut cane yields, which could dampen exports from the world’s biggest producer of the sweetener, farmers, millers and traders said.

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