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August 2023

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Aspartame: reformulations likely as consumer concern continues, High-intensity sweetener uncovered in truffles, Energy drink developed by artificial intelligence, and more. Find out what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Aspartame appraisal: “No immediate action required” but reformulation likely as consumer concern continues
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Although aspartame’s safety and daily intake have been reaffirmed, discussions about how this may affect the F&B industry and consumers are ongoing. Food Ingredients First discusses the impact of the recent WHO evaluations on companies, the public scrutiny of aspartame and a possible IARC reassessment with scientists and industry experts. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IACR) classified aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.
High-intensity sweetener uncovered in truffles ‘potentially game-changing’ for sugar reduction

MycoTechnology says it is ‘standing on the brink of a sweet revolution’ having discovered a sweet protein derived from honey truffle. ‘Proteins are widely recognised as the future of sweeteners,’ says MycoTechnology CEO Alan Hahn.
'World’s first’ energy drink developed by artificial intelligence

In Hungary, a beverage manufacturer claims to have produced the ‘world’s first’ energy drink completely designed by AI.
IFT FIRST: Understanding sugar reduction as a key food process in improving nutrition

Tate & Lyle underscored the formulation considerations necessary to improve nutrition without sacrificing experience by featuring two stevia and allulose sweeteners in an IFT FIRST panel discussion in which participants shared their favorite food process technologies.
Customer sues Taco Bell for skimping on beef

A New York resident seeks $5 million on behalf of all customers similarly affected by the alleged false advertising.
Nestlé ‘walks the talk’ with enhanced regenerative agriculture practices to ‘climate smart’ its pizzas

Meeting climate targets starts at the ingredient level, so the Digiorno pizza maker has joined a growing group of food giants – including PepsiCo, Kellogg’s and General Mills – using their industry might to effect positive change throughout their supply chains.
Jack & Friends charts new ‘inclusive’ path for plant-based jerky to better meet taste, nutrition expectations

Plant-based meat snack alternatives ‘ and sales ‘ are climbing as new players, including startup Jack & Friends, enter the market with vegan options that better mimic the taste, texture and chew of their animal counterparts, while also offering a hefty dose of the protein consumers want.
Coca-Cola bets on experiential marketing, price-pack architecture to offset price hikes

The Coca-Cola Co. will continue to raise prices in the second half of the year in select markets after volume stabilized and sales rose in the period despite earlier price hikes and growing consumer price consciousness, executives said yesterday during the company’s second quarter earnings call.
Nestlé enzyme tech cuts sugars intrinsically present in malt, milk and fruit juice

The enzymatic process reduces sugar without needing to add sweeteners or bulking agents to replace its volume.
Sensegen taps into precision fermentation to create personalized “exotic flavors”
Food IngredientsFIrst News

Sensegen displayed its latest range of bio-based exotic flavors at the IFT FIRST trade show in Chicago, US, last month. The company has tapped into the “power of precision fermentation” to create six “true-to-fruit” flavors for foods and beverages.
Singapore’s MATE MATE capturing opportunity in premium energy drinks category via functional benefits and customer targeting

Singapore-based beverage brand MATE MATE has adopted a premium positioning, which it claims to have plenty of room for growth in the Asia-Pacific region, while setting sights on becoming a global leader in this category.
Keeping up with the times: Indonesia rolls out new food category regulations with fermented products and supply chain focus

Indonesia has recently launched the latest version of its master regulation governing food categories in the country with an increased focus on fermented beverages and the wider supply chain.
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners announces proposed acquisition of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has, together with Aboitiz Equity Ventures, entered into a Letter of Intent to jointly acquire Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines from The Coca-Cola Company.
Age of Generative AI: Ai Palette aiming to optimise food innovation and boost product launches

Singapore-based tech firm Ai Palette has developed a new tool called FoodGPT, which harnesses the power of generative AI and natural language processing to elevate data-backed innovations and increase the success rate of product launches.
Myanmar’s food security assured: MRF President affirms ample rice reserves
Global New Light Of Myanmar

Myanmar Rice Federation President U Ye Min Aung has provided resolute reassurance regarding Myanmar’s food security, highlighting the nation’s self-sufficiency […].
‘Harvest chips’: Food franchise offers snacks to support local farmers

A popular food franchise is now offering chips to support local farmers and communities. Potato Corner Philippines or Potato Corner, known for its flavorful french fries, introduced the “Harvest Chips,” healthy snacks made from potatoes harvested by Filipino farmers, on its social media channels on July 31. “Don’t miss out on making a difference for […]
NST Leader: Food for thought
NST Online

Malaysia may become a world leader in food waste without even planning to be one. According to the Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies of Universiti Malaya, on an average day, Malaysians generate 38,000 tonnes of waste, 44 per cent of which is food waste. In a very peculiar Malaysian fashion, we talk of food security while dumping nearly 17,000 tonnes of food waste daily.
Japanese eateries in China fear ruin as Fukushima water discharge looms
Asia One

It’s been just over three weeks since China increased checks on Japanese food imports over radiation concerns, but Kazuyuki Tanioka is already fearful for the future of his upscale Beijing sushi restaurant. Like most restaurants in China, Tanioka’s eight-year-old Toya has struggled with years of Covid-19 restrictions, which only began to ease late last year.

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