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Sustainable Food Manufacturing in Thailand and South East Asia

Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Spearheads Sustainable Food Manufacturing Initiative

In a recent key event, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, under the guidance of Ratana Vongmukdaporn and her food team, has taken a significant step in shaping the future of sustainable food manufacturing. In response to the environmental urgency highlighted by recent record-breaking temperatures, they brought together industry leaders such as Lonza, EPAX, Orkla, EVONIK, Ingredion, and IFF. This gathering focused on discussing and promoting sustainable practices in the food and beverage sector.


Ratana Vongmukdaporn, Regional Head for Food and Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care, stated, “This growing demand for sustainable products reflects a collective effort to make conscious choices that positively impact our planet.” Her remark underscores the critical role of sustainable food manufacturing in addressing environmental challenges.

The initiative is centred on catering to consumer demands for sustainably produced food and beverages, paying particular attention to ingredient sourcing, packaging, and production processes. The collaborative effort is committed to reducing emissions, water usage, and waste while maintaining the highest standards of social, environmental, and governance practices.

To gain more insights into this transformative event and the commitment of Jebsen & Jessen and its partners to a sustainable food future, read the full article here.

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